Tips on Purchasing An Inversion table

If you are looking to purchase an inversion table then here is a quick guide to help you in making your decision. I will be posting a series of posts that will focus on different topics as listed below. First it can be overwhelming at the beginning of your inversion table search if you do not know what you are looking for. There are many different types of inversion table, many brands and various prices. My goal here is to give you a better understanding of what differentiates certain types of inversion tables.

Let us begin. If you are in need of an inversion table chances are you have back pain issues. The most common questions customers will have are and not in any particular order

1. Can you invert 180 degrees?
2. How much does the table weight?
3. How much weight does the inversion table support?
4. What is the max height the table can support?
5. What does the warranty cover and how long is it?
6. What is the back support made from?
7. What is the most comfortable type of ankle support for tables?
8. What are they made from?
9. Where are the inversion tables made?
10. Do they work?

In this post and some later to follow I will tackle all these questions and you will never have to go through another inversion table review site or have to ask an inversion table salesman because you will have all the answers right here from someone who has tried more than 20 different types of inversion tables including Global Health, teeter hang ups, Ironman, Lifegear inversions and many more.

Number 1- Can you invert 180 degrees? This is simple to explain. Going into a 180 degree inversion is when you are completely upside down. Your feet are directly above your head just like a straight line. At this angle your spine is decompressing at its optimal level. Most inversion tables will go 180 degrees and if they do not I would stay away from them. Chances are they are poorly built and I would not take my chances. An advanced feature that you can find is that some inversion tables like the Ab toner Ironman inversion table locks at 10 different positions. For reference you can view this link:
The iron man inversion table is the only one on the market that will allow you to lock yourself in 10 different positions. There are other tables that use a vinyl strap which you can tighten or loosen before inversion and then it will stop at whatever position the strap will allow. The teeter hang up will lock in at 180 degrees and you can perform inverted situps. The teeter also comes with the vinyl strap. The Global Health models all come with vinyl straps.

This all comes down to how much you can afford. Locking yourself in 10 different positions is not for everyone. With the Teeter and Global Health inversion tables you can use you hands to grab the handle bars on either side and slowly lower yourself into any angle. Paying the extra $150 for the iron man may not seem cost effective for some that want a simple fix. Use discretion here but make sure it does go 180 degrees, that is an absolute must.

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